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    The internationally renowned star of Fiddler on the Roof brings the original stories of Tevye to life! Tevye personified the dreams not only of Russian Jews but of people everywhere when he sang "If I Were a Rich Man." And for millions around the world, Theodore Bikel personified Tevye. Now hear the original stories of Tevye, as written by Sholem Aleichem (pen name of Sholem Rabinovich): "Today's Children," "Hodl," "Chava," and "Lekh-Lekho," the stories which were the basis for Fiddler, plus "Tevye Strikes It Rich" and "Tevye Blows a Small Fortune." Reacquaint yourself with the buoyant, ingenious, compassionate, irrepressible, anxious, philosophical, God-loving, God-fearing dairyman, who embodies the simple and joyous, difficult and sometimes dangerous world of the Eastern European Jews during a time of sweeping historical change.
    ©1987 by Shocken Books, Inc., Translated With the Permission of the Family of Sholem Aleichem (P)1995 by Audio Renaissance Tapes, a Division of Cassette Productions Unlimited, Inc.

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