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    Beschreibung von Audible

    Christopher Evan Welch skillfully presents the descriptive backgrounds of John Gregory and Alice Dean, characters who are nearly as important as Tom Ward in the Last Apprentice series. Along with accurately delivering John's appealing accent, Welch quickly changes his tone as terror erupts when John is locked in a dark cellar by his angry father. Equally frightening is Welch’s portrayal of a witch with a shaky, old lady voice. Most appealing is his portrayal of Alice, who poignantly explains how her feelings for Tom are at odds with her dark side as a witch. These fast-paced "short listens" round out this exciting series.


    The Last Apprentice series follows the terrifying adventures of the Spook's apprentice, Thomas Ward. But Tom's is only one story. There are others.

    The Spook himself was once an apprentice. How did he begin his training?

    And what of Alice, the young witch who is Tom's closest ally? How did she overcome her dark past?

    What did the witch assassin Grimalkin do to become the most deadly and feared witch in the county?

    And, collected in a gallery of horrors, discover the rest of the county's menacing villains and relive the vicious battles waged against them.

    Enter a land where creatures of the dark creep out of the shadows. Do you dare?

    ©2009 Joseph Delaney (P)2009 HarperCollins Publishers

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