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    The Spark of Wrath continues the saga of the dysfunctional Cader family. Darrell, the youngest son of Billy Jay Cader, is coming of age and trying to accept his background of abuse. He's tired of explaining his past and attempts to kill his poppa with his preacher's shotgun. 

    He'd merely wounded him, along with his own pride, and now, the reality of his poppa getting away with murdering his only brother and leaving them on their own sparks the embers of hate inside him. 

    Could the new girl in school draw his internal attention away from his past and lead him down a different path? 

    Or, was the Cader family and those who surrounded them bound for more dysfunction and tragedy? 

    Climb aboard and be whisked back to a small Florida coastal town in the early eighties and see how Franklin County, Florida - as straight, flat, and open as it can be - can lead people on the most twisted and crooked path possible. Murder, lies, greed, adultery, and spiritual deception. The road t's and as easy as the choices to make appears, the wrong turn is usually taken. 

    The Mason Jar form of justice from book one - The Judgment Game - continues on.

    ©2020 Steven G. Bassett (P)2021 Steven G. Bassett

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