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    The Sling of David is a quest to unlock the power and sacred mysteries of the Sling...and to discover God's purpose for Sam and Achava.

    Thousands of years ago, a young warrior slew a Nephilim with a sling, some stones...and God's help.

    In modern day, Achava is the warrior. The avenger. And now, a wife. When Achava, supernatural guardian of Israel, marries Professor Sam Godfrey, she loses some powers. Becoming more human by the hour, Achava can no longer Soul Merge and must rely on her half-sister, Anthea, for such travels. Sam doubts Achava can battle evil without her supernatural abilities.

    Just as Sam packs up the ancient sling and supplies for their honeymoon, a familiar foe attacks them. In her haste to save them, Anthea does a Soul Merge, but she finds it impossible to carry both passengers. When Sam finds himself stranded on a frozen mountain, he's alone. In this forsaken place - and without his beloved bride - Sam's faith and spiritual knowledge will be tested. But even if he passes one test, more will come, until Sam faces the greatest test of his life.

    But is Sam even worthy of the Sling? When he confronts his ultimate challenge, will Sam prevail over the most clever and diabolical enemy he's ever faced? And will he have to do it alone?

    ©2015 Verna Hargrove (P)2015 Verna Hargrove

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