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    In a busy bee hive near a colorful meadow there lived a little honey bee named Mia. 

    Mia woke one morning still feeling tired; after all, the hive is a very busy - and very noisy - place. She yawned, and stretched, and wished she could climb back into her warm, honeycomb bed. 

    But nectar bees don’t sleep in; they have nectar to collect after all!

    So Mia flew past the lush lavender, over the wildflowers and through the tall prairie grass that danced in the wind. She landed on some bright orange flowers for just a short rest...and closed her eyes....

    Soon Mia was not alone. Who joined the little honey bee for a summer’s nap in her orange flower bed? Find out in The Sleepy Honey Bee, a wonderfully colorful listen for ages six and up. Complete with a short lesson on the Earth’s bee population and how we can help them.

    ©2020 Samantha K. Riggi (P)2020 Samantha K. Riggi

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