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    "Read it before the end of the world!" (Kevin J. Anderson, international best-selling author of the Dune Prequels)

    When Temple wakes up in a filthy hotel, he doesn't remember a thing. Not how he got here. Not even his name. Temple just happened to be the first word he read on the bible sitting on the dusty nightstand.

    When he discovers that he and all those around him are caught in the apocalyptic hellscape of a collapsing metropolis, he must carefully weigh the balance between charity and self-sacrifice as he sets out into this strange new world.

    Grasping at a chance for purpose, he befriends young Nina. Someone to protect from the enumerable dangers and a glimmer of hope in his daunting quest for identity. He quickly learns protection is one of the few things he's made for, demonstrating vicious brutality against savages who seek to prey upon the weak.

    Together, they search for anywhere truly safe to call home. A task made all the more impossible as they are chased at every turn by a plague of the shambling, silver-eyed undead.

    The Walking Dead meets The Road in this dark post-apocalyptic tale with a supernatural twist, perfect for fans of Michael Crichton and Stephen King.

    Now on Audible, narrated by the award-winning Steve West (Scythe, Interstellar Caveman). This book was formerly published under the title Immortal.

    ©2014 Aethon Books (P)2020 Aethon Audio

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