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    Unlock the hidden powers of your mind.

    These secret principles of genius have been hidden, lost, or even forgotten through time. They have played a critical role in the greatest achievements of humanity, yet most of us are unaware of them. Now, they are finally revealed.

    Internationally best-selling author I. C. Robledo has profiled the brightest minds to demonstrate why these secret principles are so important. Their lives range from time periods that span millennia and include a wide range of cultures, professions, and personalities. We will explore the intellect of icons such as Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Maria Montessori, and Sun Tzu.

    An important theme is that brilliant people have used these principles to accomplish what no one thought was possible. When everyone said no, they still found a way to make it happen. What has become clear through the ages is that with the right principles, it is possible to tap into a potential that is limitless.

    Discover the secret principles that changed the following lives:

    • Leonardo da Vinci, the Renaissance man who gave us the Mona Lisa and was so committed to learning the human form that he dissected cadavers
    • Dr. Ben Carson, who grew up in a Detroit ghetto, yet he gained notoriety as a neurosurgeon for separating conjoined twins successfully
    • Wolfgang Mozart, and the secret principle that played a major role in his incredible rise to stardom in the classical music scene
    • Sun Tzu, whose timeless military wisdom has been applied in countless battles and beyond to business, law, and chess
    • The late musical artist Prince, who played 27 musical instruments and had no tolerance for low standards
    • Maria Montessori, who was ages ahead of her time with her revolutionary system for educating children
    • Ben Underwood, a boy who learned to “see” the world despite having his eyes removed because of retinal cancer
    • Many more brilliant minds and lives, and the secret principles they applied are discussed
    ©2016 Issac Robledo (P)2021 Issac Robledo

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