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    If you are looking for a traditional retelling of the history of the great fornicating lovers Tristan and Iseult, why, just keep on looking. This book is not for you.  

    But, if you want to see the hidden secrets of this ancient tale clarified and exposed with many ancient mysteries solved and many exotic and erotic tableaux revealed, then this book is for you.  

    Among other things, you will finally learn how weak little Tristan, with his “wit craft,” killed the strong big Morholt. You will marvel at how clever Queen Iseult, on her wedding night, concealed from King Mark, her husband, the fact that she was not a virgin. And best of all, you will finally find the scientific explanation of how, during her trial for adultery, Iseult carried a white-hot incandescent iron 30 paces without burning her hands.   

    Along the way, you may experience, as some listeners have, an interesting, unusual, off-beat, high-quality entertainment that approaches the redemptive quality of real literature and art. The Search of Tristan and Iseult, a meditation on the meaning of life, love, and death, may leave you breathless. It is that good.

    ©2020 Bernard M. Patten (P)2020 Bernard M. Patten

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