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    Living in close contact with Hinduism, Buddhism, Muhammadanism, and Christianity, I have studied their sacred books and the writings of their leading thinkers; while, from personal conversation with many of their learned followers, I have been able to extract much information regarding their faiths. The results of my thinking on these four great religions I have set down in this book.

    It is not my intention to undertake a systematic and historical review of these religions, but I have sought to set before my [listeners] in thoughts, clothed in simple words, a few of their fundamental principles in the hope that those who are seekers after the truth may be helped to know the Ideality.

    I acknowledge with many thanks my indebtedness to the Rev. T. E. Riddle of the New Zealand Presbyterian Mission, Kharar, Punjab, for the great help he has given in translating this book into its present form from my Urdu. 

    Mss. Sundar Singh

    Subathu, Simla Hills, September 1924.

    Public Domain (P)2021 Russell Stamets

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