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    The Scarlet Letter
    By Nathaniel Hawthorne  

    Presented by The Online Stage  

    Scorned by her 17th century New England Puritan village, Hester Prynne struggles to raise her precocious daughter, Pearl, who is the result of an affair and whose father is unknown. Despite being forced to wear a scarlet letter A as a brand for her adultery, Hester tries to live a life of repentance and dignity. Pearl's father comes forward as he is struggling under the weight of his own shame and sin. 

    The Scarlet Letter is often thought to be Hawthorne's most famous work.  

    Narrator - Christianne Lupher
    Hester Prynne - Amanda Friday
    Rev Dimmesdale - Andy Harrington
    Roger Chillingsworth - Jeff Moon
    Pearl Prynne - Miranda Hodges
    Governor Bellingham - Ron Altman
    John Wilson - Ken Foster
    Mistress Hibbins - Elizabeth Klett
    Dame 1 - Jennifer Fournier
    Dame 2 - Maureen Boutilier
    Dame 3 - Lee Ann Howlett
    Dame 4 - Elizabeth Klett
    Man - Ben Stevens
    Young Wife - Susan Iannucci
    Beadle - Ken Foster
    Master Brackett - Ben Stevens
    Child - Maureen Boutilier
    Servant - Ken Foster
    Old Sexton - Ben Stevens
    Shipmaster - Ken Foster  

    Audio edited by Amanda Friday

    Public Domain (P)2019 The Online Stage

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