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The Running Mate

A Novel
Autor: Joe Klein
Sprecher: Anthony Heald
Spieldauer: 4 Std. und 13 Min.

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In The Running Mate, Joe Klein - the New Yorker Washington correspondent who catapulted into the public eye as the "Anonymous" author of Primary Colors - takes the listener on an exuberant, wicked, and unerringly wise political journey with Senator Charlie Martin, a decorated veteran of the war in Vietnam. The experience of combat and his easy dominance of home-state politics have made Charlie fearless. He's a hot, if occasionally reckless, political property - dashing, honorable, and irreverent.

And then Charlie's life begins to fall apart. He campaigns for the presidency and fails...and Senator Martin begins to learn that politics in an era of spin, marketing, and vicious personal assaults can be as treacherous - and life-threatening - as combat was.

Finally, Charlie Martin must confront the two greatest challenges in his life - a political opponent who has no scruples and a dazzling, unconventional woman who loves him but is appalled by his life's work. Charlie's dilemma is one that has come to haunt contemporary American politics: Is it possible to be a good politician and a good man? Can you live in the public glare and still construct a habitable life?

Listen to a conversation with Joe Klein.

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