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    Rook has Misty. He’s not taking another person we love, even if we all have to die to save her.

    The FBI failed us. We failed Misty. Ziva said trust no one at the station, but Casey got a call from someone we cleared about Jake and Dillion. Ziva ghosted us when we needed her the most. Ziva continued to ghost us while Rook has Misty.

    The instructions are clear. We are all summoned to a warehouse. We are to come unarmed, with no backup and no weapons. We all know we could be walking to our deaths. We know Misty could already be dead. We will go to our deaths in the hopes there is any chance of saving Misty.

    We have something Rook doesn’t know about. Milo, Granny’s pissed off ex FBI boyfriend. He will try to save the day if we can’t.

    ©2019 JB Trepagnier (P)2020 JB Trepagnier

    Das sagen andere Hörer zu The Rook Takes Their Queen (Andre) (A Contemporary Reverse Harem Series)


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