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    Award-winning author Mary Kassian provides listeners with a biblical guide to becoming the strong, resilient, capable women God created them to be.

    Our culture teaches us that it's important for women to be strong. The Bible agrees. Unfortunately, culture's idea of what makes a woman strong doesn't always align with the Bible's. As a result, Christians often have a skewed view of what constitutes strength. In The Right Kind of Strong, Mary Kassian delves into Paul's exhortation in 2 Timothy about the women of the church in Ephesus and uncovers warnings and truths about seven habits that can sap women's strength. She helps listeners avoid these pitfalls by:

    • Carefully considering the people they allow into their lives;
    • Taking control of their minds by taking every thought captive;
    • Quickly and regularly confessing sin;
    • Intentionally engaging their emotions;
    • Living out what they’re learning;
    • Developing confident convictions;
    • Embracing their human weakness and leaning on the Lord. 

    She reveals how, by implementing against these seven habits, Christian women can walk in freedom and grow to be strong God's way.

    ©2019 Mary A. Kassian (P)2019 Thomas Nelson

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