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    Seaper Powers is a series of adventure books for children. This is the first in the series. A new series of children's books called Seaper Powers has begun to take over the world of imagination. Receiving 10 out of 10 stars, this is a series not to be missed. There are three adventures in the series: In Search of Bleu Jay's Treasure; The Mystery of the Blue Pearls; and The Rescue. And, this fall, the next adventure will be introduced! Written in 1-2 page chapters, these stories are meant to be shared with parents at bedtime. Kids can listen to the book on their own, or listen to along with the audio version. (Available in paperback, ebook, audio CD, and MP3.) Now the series is expanded for those who love to doodle. The drawings from each book are now in black and white, listen toy for the coloring adventurer in all of us! Seaper Powers Coloring Books - one for each adventure. In this Adventure This is the fourth book in Seaper Powers. Emma, her friends Marty, the merman, Oliver, the octopus, Steve, the starfish, and Wally, the whale, travel to the Florida Keys to solve a mystery that has been guarded for thousands of years. The only way they can find out the truth is to follow a map of riddles.

    ©2014 Kim Cameron (P)2014 Kim Cameron

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