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    Rick Wood is the author taking the horror world by storm.

    As he is best known for writing his series, this is an omnibus featuring three of his stand-alone novels:

    Shutter House

    Desperate for money to save her sick mother, Amber reluctantly agrees to rob a man’s house. After all, the man is ridiculously rich and lives in a huge mansion. What’s more, he soaked an innocent woman with his Mercedes. He deserves it, right?

    Then, while inside this house, Amber enters a room on the top floor full of dead bodies. That's when the shutters descend around the outside of the house.

    They are trapped. And he's home....

    When Liberty Dies

    Suniya and Eric are happy and in love. They rise against the prejudice of others toward their interracial relationship, even when a racist protest threatens to march the streets of their city.

    But these people plan to do more than just protest. This isn’t just going to be a group of people marching.

    As they shut down the city, silence the police, and start pulling minorities out of their homes to slaughter in the street, they realize it is only a matter of time before Suniya is next.

    Can Suniya and Eric survive the night? Or will they become one of the many to succumb to the violence prejudice can breed?

    Death of the Honeymoon

    Harry and Lucy's marriage has become dull and monotonous - no matter how much they love each other, they can't seem to refind that spark.

    Enter Ben.

    Harry reluctantly agrees to a threesome with a man Lucy finds online to try and restore some magic to their sex life.

    But what happens when they wake in the morning to find he's still there? What happens when Ben decides he doesn't want to leave? And what happens when they realize Ben isn't the man he said he was?

    ©2019 Richard Wood (P)2019 Richard Wood

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