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    They say the best things come to those who wait, and no one hopes that's true more than Special Operations Commander Nathan McNamara. 

    For over a year, he's put his life, his career, and his mother's hopes for more grandchildren on hold to dive headfirst into a world he never knew existed. A world full of angels, demons, and enough sexual frustration to crack the Pope. 

    But all that is supposed to be behind him, and his future looks bright and full of possibilities. That is, until a familiar chill ripples the atmosphere - and a supernatural thunder rumbles over the mountains. 

    This book is not a standalone. This book will spoil the series if you haven't heard it.

    *The listening order is as follows: 

    • Book 0 - The Detective
    • Book 1 - The Soul Summoner
    • Book 2 - The Siren
    • Book 3 - The Angel of Death
    • Book 4 - The Taken
    • Book 5 - The Sacrifice
    • Book 6 - The Regular Guy
    ©2018 Elicia Hyder (P)2018 Elicia Hyder

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