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    Today a buck gets you a quick burger (or two), but what's the real cost of that meal? The rates of chronic disease - specifically diseases like diabetes, caused by our lifestyles - have grown exponentially in recent years, edging medical expenses higher while threatening to give America its first generation to actually live shorter lives than their parents. Unfortunately finding good nutrition is no walk in the park, with more Americans living in cities, far from a farmer's field. To overcome distance and undercut price, we rely on industry to put dinner on the table - yet this system has valued efficiency and short-term profits over our own health and the health of our environment. So how do we keep America thriving?

    Congressman Tim Ryan may have a soft spot for chicken wings and ice cream, but he also knows the joy of farm-fresh produce and the feel of soil between his fingers. In this audiobook, he lays out the problems we face and gives easy, actionable steps that anyone can take to solve them, from starting an herb garden to helping implement food education in schools to petitioning your elected officials. The commonsense ideas he presents, will help you improve the quality of life for you and future generations.

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    "Congressman Tim Ryan isn't afraid to take on a challenge, and he's gearing up for one of America's biggest - our health. In The Real Food Revolution, he delivers a straightforward and much-needed prescription to help transform our country's food systems and improve our well-being." (President Bill Clinton)

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