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    This is a Quick Guide to Cloud Computing and Cyber Security - For Beginners.

    Cloud computing has appeared in many small forms, and now it is emerging as a huge solution to the problem of the fast-changing and increasingly cyber world in which we live and work.

    Table of Contents

    • What Is Cloud Computing?
    • Types of Cloud Computing
    • Cloud Computing Examples< /li>
    • Cyber Security
    • Cyber Security Dangers
    • Physical Security
    • Layers of Security
    • Network Security
    • Cloud Computing and Security Threats
    • The Need for Policies
    • The Future?

    In this book cloud computing and cyber security are described in a way that covers all sizes and implementations of businesses involved in using this method of computing.

    ©? 2012 Marcia R.T. Pistorious (P)2015 Marcia R.T. Pistorious

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