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    When the cult of humanity sacrificed a dragon queen, they crippled the breeding process. A female hasn’t been hatched or shape shifted in over 1,000 years.

    Carolyn believes with all her heart that she will shift into a dragon. Everyone else thinks she’s crazy. Especially Reed, a sexy dragon, whose disdain for humans almost hides the magnetic attraction they have for each other.

    However, when Carolyn manifests a breath weapon, she’s suddenly the new queen on the block. Reed’s not interested in sharing his mate with the other studs, even if the continuation of his species is at risk.

    He wants the cult that killed his sister. Now, the cult needs Carolyn on their altar in order to make the curse permanent.

    Reed will see them dead before that happens, because if the cult isn’t stopped, not only do the other female dragons remain human, but Reed will lose the only woman he’s ever loved.

    ©2018 Jamie K. Schmidt (P)2018 Jamie K.Schmidt

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