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    London, England, 1952.

    Meet the mercurial genius Professor Quanderhorn (James Fleet) - a maverick scientist with absolutely no moral compass. Join him and his rag-tag crew on their frontal-lobe-knotting escapades as they:

    • Battle insane hybrid creatures: the Gorrirrel and the Squirrilla, to the death!
    • Become Gods to a Stone Age tribe.
    • Are engulfed in a Martian invasion of Earth.
    • Escape shipwreck on the Moon in a spacecraft powered by anger.
    • Evade multiple fiendish traps in the Alien Ziggurat of Death.
    • Tussle with a Top Secret Parrot.
    • Become terminally confused when they encounter their past selves in a Time accident....

    Will our crew of Brave Boffins survive?

    And what a crew they are: Q's part insect son, Troy, reputedly a 'major breakthrough in Artificial Stupidity' (Freddie Fox); eager young Test Pilot and recovering amnesiac, Brian Nylon (Ryan Sampson); brilliant scientist Dr. Gemini Janussen with her half-clockwork brain (Cassie Layton); captured Martian hostage Guuuurk (Kevin Eldon); sinister janitor Jenkins (John Sessions), and synthetic-voice-commentator-later-inserted-into-diving-suit, Dolores (Rachel Atkins).

    Plug in your blue and red cardboard airpods and pair your tin foil router with the Droitwich transmitter array for an adventure beyond human understanding.

    Get it now, in Super-Vis-O-Download-O-Sound! [patent refused]

    This Collexion includes both series of the BBC Radio 4 sci-fi comedy, plus ten never-before-heard deleted scenes and interviews with the cast and crew.

    Track listing:

    Series 1:

    1. It's Eating My Face

    2. Mummy! My Donkey's Head is Exploding

    3. A Little Thing Like Chocolate Gates Can't Stop Us

    4. The Splattered Remains of Unidentifiable Organs Incident All Over Again

    5. Fear! Terror! Gut-wrenching Horror! Arg Arg. Please!

    6. Dah dah dah dah dah dahh Dah dah dah dah dahhh...

    Series 2:

    7. Killdiboos and Universibold Explodibangbang

    8. Shoveleth in More Hazlenuts!

    9. Wasp

    10. I Didn't Say it was Well Cloaked

    11. Am I Actually the Other Half of Gemma Emma Emma?

    12. I Heregy Thind You Guilky

    Deleted scenes:

    13. Psychopathic Wasp (Series 1, Ep 6)

    14. Crockery Cupboard (Series 1, Ep 6)

    15. Guuuurk Diary (Series 2, Ep1)

    16. Nut Merchant (Series 2, Ep 2)

    17. Bongo-playing Beatniks from Under the Sea (Series 2, Ep 4)

    18. Martian Training (Series 2, Ep 4)

    19. Martian Countdown (Series 2, Ep 5)

    20. Churchill Full Speech (Series 2, Ep 5)

    21. Quanderhorn Prison Diary (Series 2, Ep 5)

    22. Make your own Martian Opera Tracks (Series 2, Ep 6)

    Cast and crew interviews:

    23. Gordon interviews Rob, Andrew and sound designer Alisdair MacGregor

    24. Rob and Andrew interview composer Peter Brewis

    25. Gordon interviews Freddie Fox

    26. Gordon interviews John Sessions

    27. Gordon interviews Rachel Atkins and James Fleet

    28. Gordon interviews Ryan Sampson and Cassie Layton

    29. Gordon interviews Kevin Eldon

    Cast and credits:

    Professor Quanderhorn - James Fleet

    Brian Nylon - Ryan Sampson

    Dr Gemini Janussen - Cassie Layton

    Guuuurk - Kevin Eldon

    Troy Quanderhorn - Freddie Fox

    Churchill/Jenkins - John Sessions

    Synthetic Voice/Mrs Bessie Braddock (MP)/Virginia White/Dolores - Rachel Atkins

    Created and written by Rob Grant and Andrew Marshall

    Directed by Andrew Marshall

    Music by Peter Brewis

    Engineered, Edited and Sound designed by Alisdair McGregor

    Production Manager: Sarah Tombling

    Produced by Rob Grant and Gordon Kennedy

    Recorded at The Soundhouse Studios

    Special Thanks to Edward Rowett

    An Absolutely Production for BBC Radio 4 first broadcast in June 2018 (Series 1) and May 2020 (Series 2).

    ©2021 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd (P)2021 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd

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