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The Psychology of Selling and Persuasion

Learn the Real Techniques to Close the Sale Every Time Using Proven Principles of Psychology, Manipulation, and Persuasion
Autor: Leonard Moore
Sprecher: KC Wayman
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 27 Min.
Kategorien: English - Business, Sales

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The truth is that while sales may be about math, the process of selling something relies heavily on psychology and understanding human behavior. You’ve probably already heard of countless “magic techniques” that are supposed to make people buy whatever you’re selling, as if you had a magic wand in your hand. I’m sorry, there’s nothing like that. However....

Science has identified certain responses and behaviors that are hard-wired into our brains and that can actually help you close the sale every single time. If you want to learn the real techniques to sell (the ones based on psychology that actually work) this book is for you.

In this guide you won’t find magic wands. Instead, you’ll discover the principles of persuasion and consumer psychology, and you’ll learn working selling strategies and negotiating techniques designed to help you sell more and delight your customers after the sale. 

This guide will give you a series of actionable steps you can follow, from understanding your prospects to answering their objections effectively and ultimately getting the sale.

In this book you’ll discover:

  • The real techniques to close the sale every time (without using magic wands)
  • The four most common objections you’ll receive and how to reply in the right way
  • What makes people buy and how to leverage this knowledge to sell more
  • Four ways to craft your sales presentations so that people want to buy from you
  • The number-one framework to handle customer’s objections and reply effectively
  • An example of a highly effective sales script (from the first contact to after the sale).
  • 7 principles of persuasion you can use to craft a great sales pitch and close the deal
  • A step-by-step method to build sales scripts that work
©2019 Leonard Moore (P)2019 Leonard Moore


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