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    I have overthrown the prince, that I may give you the city.

    The devil rules the world through continental arch-demons called Princes. For example, there is the Satanic Prince of Asia, the Satanic Prince of Europe, the Satanic Prince of America, the Satanic Prince of Oceania. Under these continental spirits, and in loyalty to them, are regional and national spirits. Under the authority of the continental Prince, are National Princes that control Satan's affairs in each nation.

    The Satanic Prince of Yaounde is the Satanic spirit in charge of Satan's affairs in the city of Yaounde. The spirit supervises and leads all of Satan's interests and affairs in Yaounde.

    Thousands of us, including babies, fasted for many days, drinking only water. And, on the ninth of April 1992, the Satanic Prince of the city of Yaounde was bound, unseated, and overthrown.

    The Lord gave us the following prophecy about Yaounde, and it shall come to stay.

    ©1992 Zacharias Tanee Fomum (P)2021 ZTF Books Online

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