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The Prepper Road Saga

Post Apocalyptic Survival Fiction Boxed Set Edition
Autor: Ron Foster
Sprecher: Duane Sharp
Spieldauer: 11 Std. und 38 Min.

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A complete three book EMP survival fiction boxed set for your end of the world enjoyment. After the post-apocalyptic classic books contained in The Prepper Trilogy told the thrilling dystopian tale of how our wayward survivors arrived at their lake refuge, the Prepper Road Saga picks up and finds them now trying to live a long-term existence in a post collapse grid down world. Hear about how they struggle to survive a harsh winter as their thoughts turn with dread toward the approaching Christmas holiday season. New people have joined the survival community and wild game has gotten very scarce now after over hunting has forced everyone to forage continuously further afield for sustenance. Instead of a season of joy and sharing to look forward to, a season of austerity and foreboding awaits our survivors. They must use all their prepper wits and survival hunting and trapping tricks and skills to just avoid starvation every day. Trying to retain some hope that things will get better gets harder for the refugees as they struggle to cope as fishing now has gotten worse and their resources grow more meager.

©2016 Ron Foster (P)2017 PAL Productions

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