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    Ida Rolf, PhD, invented a soft-tissue manipulation technique that not only transforms our physical bodies but can transform our lives. Through the precise releasing of chronic tension stored in the fascial system, a body can rejuvenate. The Power of Rolfing explains the hows and whys in ways that a client (or potential client) can understand. Taking the science and principles of Rolfing structural integration (SI), Owen Marcus weaves an explanation that explains what we often intuitively know but have never had a way to apply. He also dives into what Rolfing SI can and can't do.

    Owen explains how Rolfing SI excels at turning around issues of stress, structure, and soft tissue. Removing the limits you have is not enough; you need to learn two simple behaviors that will enhance your Rolfing SI and guarantee you permanently integrate those changes.

    Rolfing SI is no longer for the privileged few. You don't need to be an elite athlete to benefit. Chronic pain or even simply a desire to revitalize an aging body brings more people to Rolfing than ever before. Discover how Rolfing SI could be the best investment you can make.

    Owen Marcus has been a Rolfer since 1980. Owen ran a holistic medical clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, for 17 years, where he participated in Rolfing SI research conducted by Arizona State University. His staff of Rolfers, therapists, and physicians assisted Olympic and professional athletes. Owen developed a straightforward approach to creating the most change in the shortest time possible.

    Owen's passion for helping others through Rolfing SI came from his own experience: After being Rolfed himself, he was an inch taller and had lost 15 pounds of tense, overworked fascia. All those beliefs about how we are stuck with the bodies we inherit went out the window. He continues to enjoy practicing Rolfing SI in Sandpoint, Idaho. His website,, is a leading resource on Rolfing SI.

    ©2016 Owen Marcus (P)2016 Owen Marcus

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