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    The Phantom Lady is the person many of us wish we could be. Although sometimes exasperating and secretive, she is magic and love and kindness in a time where the world is in despair. A time of turmoil and tragedy with the Vietnam War raging. As with the US, Paris is having its similar issues with the War. Protestors, revolutionaries, teachers, and others come to Paris to find or escape themselves. In Paris, they feel they can find the answers with other like minded. Some become disillusioned and walk a dangerous path, others find friendships that will touch their lives forever. This is a story that will stay with you long after you finish the book. It will pull you to Paris - to the cafes and bridges - to the people that walk its streets, and to its ghosts. A bit of history woven with unforgettable characters.

    ©2011 Calvin Davis (P)2014 Cherry Hill Publishing, LLC

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