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    What can Briarwood's resident bad boy teach little miss perfect? A lot, actually, since he's her hot new tutor.

    Beloved by her classmates at Briarwood High and newly minted captain of the girls' basketball team, Juliette's life is perfect. Except for the fact that she's one bad grade away from failing.

    A tutor might help, but that would mean exposing her deep dark secret - she's not perfect. Far from it. But if word gets out, her team will lose their fearless leader, and she'll lose her stainless reputation.

    Luckily, there's one name on the list of tutors who has nothing to do with her friends...or anyone else in the school, for that matter. Connor may not have friends, but it turns out there's a lot he can teach her. And not all of it is on her syllabus. Like, how amazing a first kiss can be and how hard and fast two people can fall in love, even when they both know that this secret relationship is all sorts of wrong.

    The Briarwood High novels are completely stand-alone romances that can be listened to in any order.

    ©2018 Maggie Dallen (P)2020 Maggie Dallen

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