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    He's her brother's best friend, her new softball coach, and now, her first kiss. Too bad he's also totally off-limits.

    There's no doubt about it, Noah is avoiding Callie like the plague now that she's living in the dorms on his college campus. 

    She'd hoped this week-long softball clinic would help put their past awkwardness behind them. After all, he'd taught her everything she knows about the game. But her brother's best friend is more of a jerk than ever. Until he kisses her. 

    And now...well, now, she doesn't know what's going on between them. But it doesn't matter. Not really. She's not here for Noah. She's only here to show the recruiters at the big showcase game that she has what it takes to play for a college team.

    It's a solid plan...until it all falls apart. Thanks to Noah's overprotective interference, she's kicked out of the showcase game, and any chance of college scholarships slips out of her reach. But there might be a way to salvage her plan and her future. She just has to be seen, right?

    Noah's the new coach for a charity softball event, and he owes her big time. She might just be able to save her scholarship chances if she can survive his coaching...and his kisses.

    ©2018 Maggie Dallen (P)2020 Maggie Dallen

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