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The People of the Mist

Sprecher: Alton Lennard
Spieldauer: 18 Std. und 24 Min.

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Beschreibung von Audible

After losing his estate, bankrupt Englishman Leonard Outram seeks a new fortune in Africa. Outram and his Zulu cohort rescue a young Portuguese woman from a slave camp, then head off with her to find a lost race possessed of wealth in the form of jewels. The People of the Mist is a typical work by Sir Haggard, who engages in the Victorian penchant for native exotica while trying to depict natives as intelligent and relatable people. Alton Lennard narrates this audiobook in a weighty and measured manner. His tone discovers and enhances the novel’s stealthy pace and honed prose. Sir Haggard excelled at describing minute action. Lennard’s careful diction highlights small, progressive details so that the action seems thoughtful as well as dynamic.


Henry Rider was a British Victorian writer known for his adventure novels set is exotic places. His writings are sympathetic to the natives. He often portrayed Africans as heroic in his stories, even though the main characters are usually European.

This "lost race" novel begins as an exciting African adventure. Leonard Outram is a British adventurer who is in Africa seeking his fortune. He becomes part of the rescue of a Portuguese woman from a large slave camp. Leonard, his companion Otter, and the girl set off and find the people of the mist. They then impersonate gods and priests with the hope of getting the people's hoard of jewels.

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