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    Your guide to attract highly targeted clients and create massive authority within eight weeks

    Building authority in a field is crucial for establishing expertise and attracting highly targeted clients, but how can a person do that? What are the processes involved in creating such a highly sought-after presence enough to charge premium prices and earn in eight weeks? Is it possible to start earning in eight weeks?

    Yes, it is, and through this book, listeners will unearth timeless and practical methods for achieving such a level of success in any field. The Next Step: Attract Highly Targeted Clients, Create Massive Authority, and Charge Premium Prices Within 8 Weeks is a definitive guide curated with tested and proven techniques that will empower you to turn your expert skills into profit.

    Enlightening discoveries for listeners include: 

    • Becoming a successful published author
    • How to pick a monthly business income goal, and steps to reach it 
    • How to create a result-driven premium service 
    • Tips for building a reputable brand
    • Bridging the gap between your services and the clients 
    • The power of client interaction 

    Aspiring experts in any field and established entrepreneurs who desire to make an impact in someone else’s life will find these practical truths helpful in attracting and retaining the highly targeted clients. 

    Coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, and local professionals will learn how to achieve a competitive advantage in the business world through the lessons embedded in The Next Step: Attract Highly Targeted Clients, Create Massive Authority and Charge Premium Prices within Eight Weeks.

    Don’t get stuck in a rut. Discover how to monetize your knowledge and build an impactful brand that stands the test of time.

    ©2020 Chris Terry Burton (P)2020 Chris Terry Burton

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