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    Plant-based meat? Absolutely!

    Beyond Meat has higher protein density, comparable caloric content, and a significantly reduced overall impact on the environment than that of traditional meat.

    This combination of a unique cooking methodology with plant-based ingredients results in meat that can be used to cook in the same way that animal meat can, without using a single animal-based product.

    Beyond Meat is a health-smart product and was also created for the unique purpose, to help consumers be part of the solution to the mistreatment of animals.

    One notable ingredient that contributes to the uniqueness of Beyond Meat is the addition of natural flavorings. The inclusion of these plant-based flavorings gives Beyond Meat that distinct umami flavor, which imparts an additional level of savoriness.

    Beyond Meat tastes just like animal-based meat; only it is better for you!

    It is not just the ingredients and the cooking process that really sets Beyond Meat apart from the rest.

    • Flavor
    • Smell
    • Texture
    • Health benefits
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