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The Neanderthals Return

From the Beginning to Fighting Criminals to Joining a Gang: A Combination of Three Books: The Neanderthals Are Back, The Rise of the Force, and The Rise of the Gang
Serie: Neanderthal, Titel 1-3
Spieldauer: 4 Std. und 14 Min.

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The Neanderthals Return combines the beginnings of three separate books in the return of the Neanderthal series - The Neanderthals Are Back, The New World Neanderthals: The Rise of the Force, and The Rise of the Gang. These will ultimately be three separate books with 10 or more additional chapters in each book. Each chapter features a complete episode as in a TV series, featuring a group of Neanderthals, and each book builds on the previous book in the series.

In the first book: The Neanderthals Are Back, a paleontologist working in Germany brings back some Neanderthal DNA and works with a scientist to bring back six Neanderthals. As they grow up, they experience a number of challenges due to being different. 

In The Rise of the Force, a robot factory owner learning about the first Neanderthals creates his own workforce of Neanderthals and after some detectives learn about them, they recruit a team to help them find and capture elusive criminals. 

In The Rise of the Gang, a crime gang leader recruits and trains a team of Neanderthals to commit crimes and thwart the efforts of the New Neanderthals Force working with the cops.

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