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The Mysterious Murder of JFK's Mistress

New Times, October 1976
Sprecher: L. J. Ganser
Spieldauer: 59 Min.

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On the Saturday following Mary Meyer's murder, five people gathered at her Georgetown home and tore it apart searching for the secret diary. Sometime before she died, Mary had entrusted to her friends James and Ann Truitt the fact of her affair with JFK and the existence of a diary recounting some of her evenings with the president.

In "The Mysterious Murder of JFK's Mistress", Ron Rosenbaum investigates the murder of Mary Pinochet Meyer, whose affair with President John F. Kennedy became tabloid fodder, and who was found shot to death on October 12, 1964. Immediately after her death, one of the CIA's top priorities was finding the diary in which Meyer chronicled her relationship with the late president and the secrets they shared.

"The Mysterious Murder of JFK's Mistress" was originally published in New Times, October 1976, and co-authored with Philip Nobile.

©2016 Ron Rosenbaum and Philip Nobile (P)2017 Audible, Inc.

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