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    Are your kids glued to the TV screen, gaming devices and other electronic gadgets?

    Well our mother pulled the plug and shut off the electricity-no TV, no gaming devices and no computer! She thinks electronic devices have pirated our imaginations.

    It dreams while you're sleeping and it runs all day long. Your brain needs exercise to make it really strong, Use your imagination to create a new game. It's way better than any device that you can name.

    So you better… Login on your noggin… YEAH! Your noggin, your noggin , your…na noggin. Your noggin, your noggin , your…na noggin.

    Meet the three Muklemin children-Chloe and Zoe are identical twins. Chloe loves ballet and dressing up like a princess. Zoe is a fashionista who loves to re-design her clothes. Their big brother, Ace, is full of ideas and loves to sing. He can be very creative when he wants to be.

    Mother announces, “We are all Camping In tonight…Camping In the living room.”

    Zoe, Chloe and I, Flashlights light the sky, Shooting stars and butterflies, Across the ceiling, they fly.

    We are camping in, We are camping in, Camping in the living room, We are camping in. Great read for ages 4 to 7 years.

    ©2014 Cricket Casey (P)2014 Cricket Casey

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