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The Most Important Game

M/M Gay Sports, Book 1
Autor: Noah Harris
Sprecher: Gus Klondike
Serie: M/M Gay Sports, Titel 1
Spieldauer: 44 Min.

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Jason McCaw is a young adult about to celebrate his 19th birthday. The past 19 years of his life have been mundane and, for the most part, lonely. After his stepfather insists that he joins the basketball team to make friends, Jason is shocked and surprised when he meets the most popular boy in school, Riley Peterson.

After a standoff with longtime bully, Riley steps up to the plate to defend Jason, and since his heroic attempt, Jason has failed to think of anything but Riley. But, what happens when Riley divulges a long-kept secret to Jason? Will Jason still feel the same attraction, or will he abandon Riley in his time of need?

Disclaimer: This book contains sexually explicit content that is intended for a mature audience only.

©2015 Noah Harris (P)2015 Marini Publishing

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