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    The Most Holy Rosary helps both new and experienced audiences, pray the Rosary easily, any day of the week. The Most Holy Rosary: Pray the Rosary Easily, Any Day this Week features:

    • 15 Promises of Mary to Christians who pray the Rosary. 
    • Rosary prayers for all 7 days of the week- start anytime!
    • Daily step-by-step image on how to pray the Rosary 
    • Each prayer for the Rosary is written out for you every single day- every bead is included!
    • Every mystery also features a specific image to help you remember each mystery easier.
    • Bonus Chapter! 

    “An Inspirational Rosary Novena Story from Gloversville, NY” is also included inside! The Most Holy Rosary book will aid you in your daily prayer routine, plus become a helpful tool when introducing the power of the Rosary to your family and friends!

    ©2020 Christopher Hallenbeck (P)2021 Christopher Hallenbeck

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