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    Unlock the secret mindset strategies used by the worlds most successful, multi-million dollar business owners around the world. The most important quality every business owner and entrepreneur must possess is the ability to spot opportunities and viable ideas. These ideas may sprout from one's own mind or from someone else’s, but it is critical that an entrepreneur be able to spot useful ideas, distinguish them from insignificant ones, and figure out a feasible path to turn that idea from a dream into a commercial success.

    You'll discover inspiring stories that help you unlock:

    • What your long term vision is.
    • How to use of expert strategies, to network with industry experts allowing you to focus on long term relationships that pay dividends for the rest of your life.
    • How a few simple steps can add generational wealth.
    • The principles of serving others first and why the greatest financial minds utilize this strategy every opportunity possible.
    • Master the mindset of "hustle" and how it is possible to accomplish more by implementing systems into your daily routine.

    Chris and Mitch's goal is to make it possible for you to minimize your efforts and maximize your returns, even if you are just starting your business, are an average investor, or have only dreamed about becoming wealthy!

    This audiobook will give you simple-to-follow, actionable steps that will ensure you are on the path to developing The Millionaire Business Mindset.

    ©2018 Mitch Durfee (P)2019 Mitch Durfee

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