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    This lost classic of motivational thinking reveals the simple but profound secrets to self-mastery, a magnetic personality, and attaining your dreams - all in the space of an hour.

    The Million Dollar Secret Hidden in Your Mind is one of the most extraordinary books of mental mastery ever written - yet it has been largely forgotten since it first appeared in 1963. Now, acclaimed historian and New Thought writer Mitch Horowitz brings this powerful guidebook to a new generation. This special condensed edition includes Mitch’s new introduction, which directs you to the book’s most powerful secrets. In less than an hour of listening, this compact, dynamic volume explodes old ways of thinking and shows you:  

    • How to win the aid of important people.  
    • How to make your personality instantly attractive.  
    • The best strategies for using your mind’s visualizing powers for success.  
    • How to benefit from the secrets of great achievers throughout history.  
    • How to heighten and use the tools of your subconscious.  
    • How to identify who in life will help you and who will hinder you in your striving toward success.   
    • Simple methods to tap the creative powers of Universal Creative Intelligence.  
    • How to improve your thinking, appearance, and charisma.
    ©2018 Anthony Norvell (P)2018 G&D Media

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