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    Bravely endure hardship, perform under pressure, and overcome challenges more easily than you ever thought possible!

    Do you feel overwhelmed by your circumstances? Are you exhausted with stress?

    Imagine boldly facing any challenge that comes your way. Imagine confronting any problem you run into and resolving it with confidence. Imagine being 100 percent certain that you can handle any setback life throws at you.

    The Mental Toughness Handbook is a step-by-step training program for toughening your mind against adversity. You'll discover how to handle pressure, control your impulses, and endure the emotional distress that accompany misfortune. And best of all, you'll learn how to achieve more than you thought possible through sheer determination.

    In The Mental Toughness Handbook, you'll discover:

    • Ways how mental toughness differs from grit (Most people think they're the same thing.)
    • The top seven traits mentally tough people adopt to conquer any problem they encounter
    • Ways how mental toughness is closely entwined with emotional mastery (as well as the importance of empathy)
    • The five daily habits you must embrace to strengthen your mind and harden your resolve
    • Reasons why willpower and motivation are unreliable (and how mental toughness trumps both)
    • The five simple tips for controlling your impulses and delaying gratification
    • Ways how Navy SEALs develop mental toughness (and the five surprising tactics they employ to do so)

    Plus, you'll receive 18 exercises that'll help you to apply the tactics you'll learn throughout this book!

    If you're tired of feeling like giving up when life gets tough, buy The Mental Toughness Handbook today! Start training your mind to endure stress, face adversity with courage, and boldly weather any storm.

    ©2020 Damon Zahariades (P)2020 Damon Zahariades

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