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    This series is a channeled, secular, scientific, sacred teaching; a resuscitator for the soul. a path of contentment through love, gratitude, joy, and being. When you step up, spirit steps in. If you enjoyed Conversations with God or A Course in Miracles, you will love the purity of these teachings as they are in the same genre.

    This first book in our series is an introduction to our work and can even be considered a handbook - for those questioning their religious roots or on the precipice of change as well as for the advanced serious seeker - and this is why we cover a lot of topics to satisfy various levels of consciousness with the promise of more in-depth teachings to come. 

    This book brings forth the divine intentions of the ascended master Jesus and the meaning behind his teachings and clarifies major misinterpretations, offering highlights of Jesus’ extraordinary life, from infancy to his final hours. 

    Jesus’ answers will forever change your view as Biblical mysteries are unveiled in a clear, practical, non-dogmatic, and authentic format as these ancient teachings are brought in to the reasoning of the modern world. 

    Exactly how does he account for the so-called missing years? Why did he speak in parables and what is the connecting thread sewn through the fabric of all of his messages? 

    Jesus addresses reincarnation and answers many of life’s most compelling queries as you expand your knowledge of the mysteries without leaving your chosen faith or path. 

    If you ever questioned the measure of Christ Jesus’ love, embark on this sacred journey with him and your spiritual awareness will be heightened as you explore and access the Christ within, accelerating your evolution to Christhood. 

    The authors’ goals are to open minds and hearts to raise consciousness by sharing these secular, sacred concepts and scientific techniques for finding one’s inner truth to live fully in the present. Catherine is an oracle conveying Jesus’ messages of unconditional love and mercy to the world. Vera states, “We do not tell anyone what to believe. Besides, a belief does not make a truth; intentions, core values, and how we treat one another, including animals, are what truly matters, not the labels we wear. If only folks could see their connectedness with everyone not limited by self-imposed boundaries, prejudice, or country borders. Do not support teachings that promote an angry God or are based in fear, the latter is limitation and wasted energy that ignites emotional discord.

    ©2009, 2017 The Christ Matrix Foundation, Vera Lauren aka Niestemski, John C Acker (P)2021 The Christ Matrix Foundation, Vera Lauren aka Niestemski, John C Acker

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