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The Max Porter Box Set: Volume 2

Max Porter Paranormal Mysteries Box Set
Autor: Stuart Jaffe
Sprecher: Stuart Jaffe
Spieldauer: 19 Std. und 8 Min.

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The magic continues when North Carolina history mixes with the paranormal in the Max Porter paranormal mysteries. This highly addictive series will keep you listening late into the night. Fun, funny, suspenseful, and scary, this omnibus edition includes three audiobooks in the best-selling series!

Southern Gothic (Audiobook four)

Times are rough for Max and Sandra. They’ve lost their income, live in a trailer, and struggle to make ends meet - all due to the resurrected Tucker Hull. To make matters worse, the ghost Detective Marshall Drummond refuses to move on and resides in their trailer.

Barely able to afford food, they are desperate to get back on their feet. So when Max’s sole client is murdered in the mysterious Baxter House, he knows they’ve reached the breaking point. And there’s only one way out - push on through.

Max, Drummond, and Sandra will face secret societies, stolen gold, hidden codes, the darkest magic, and of course, the Hulls. The only question - will they live through it all?

Southern Haunts (Audiobook five)

Max and Sandra Porter have encountered many frightening things in North Carolina - witches, curses, covens, and evil families, to name a few - encounters that left them broke and broken. Now, just as Max and Sandra are getting their lives back together, they meet a pregnant woman convinced her house is trying to possess her baby.

But this is no ordinary haunted house.

Every avenue they investigate leads Max to the same daunting conclusion - there is no ghost doing the haunting. Yet something supernatural clearly is involved. Along with his trusty partner, the ghost of a 1940s detective named Drummond, Max will use all his skills and the aid of those he cares about to uncover the truth. But a long-hidden truth is a dangerous thing. For Max and Sandra, it might even be deadly.

Southern Curses (Audiobook six)

When Max and Sandra moved to North Carolina, they walked into a world of ghost, witches, and curses. Over the years, and with the help of the ghost of 1940s detective Marshall Drummond, they have fought to build a life for themselves.

But now, it all goes on the line. No fight of their past can match what awaits when the Hull family and the Magi Group go to war. Caught between the magic and muscle of these groups, Max and Sandra will have to call in all the help they can find if they are to survive.

Only one thing is for sure. Everything will change.

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©2016 Stuart Jaffe (P)2018 Stuart Jaffe

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