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We are told, “Look out for yourself first” and “Nice guys finish last”. But following that path leaves us feeling isolated and anxious and can even take us to a place of ruin. This is not a magnificent journey. There is a road to life in the unshakable kingdom of God, but it's not an easy journey. 

"We cannot enter into the kingdom unless we take our cross and die to ourselves," writes author James Bryan Smith. "We often assume that this will be painful. And of course it is. But what is the alternative? I can, for example, choose to navigate my life, choose to live as I want, and aim at fulfilling all of my desires. This will result in that despair Kierkegaard wrote of, the sickness unto death.... The wisest choice, then, is to surrender." 

In The Magnificent Journey, the author shows us the better road, the road less traveled, but the road full of riches. Along the way, he introduces us to new spiritual practices that will provide the sustenance we need for the deepest, most joy-filled journey of our lives - the journey into the heart of God.

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