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    An easy, delicious, and effective weight loss plan for you! 

    Are you tired of following fad diets that ask you to count calories and starve yourself? Have you given up on losing weight, because you can’t stand being constantly hungry? Do you want to look and feel better without shaping your entire day around your eating plans? 

    The Ketogenic diet is the answer you’ve been looking for. It’s so simple. It’s just like magic. Keto is a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet that causes the body to produce hormones called ketones. When you go into ketosis, the body no longer has access to glucose stores and has to burn fat instead. That means keto doesn’t require you to eat any less than you usually do! 

    The Magic of Keto is an invaluable resource about the Ketogenic diet with science-backed research, as well as a full seven-day plan with recipes for every meal of the day. These recipes are simple enough to prepare on a weeknight. They can be used for meal prep, and they taste amazing too. Once you start to learn what keto can do, you’ll wonder why you ever wasted your time with a fad diet! 

    In The Magic of Keto, you’ll discover: 

    • The history and origin of the keto diet (it’s older than you think!) 
    • Scientific reasons that keto works more effectively than any other diet 
    • The foods you can safely eat while on keto, and the ones you should stay away from at all costs
    • Lazy keto for busy people without the time to schedule or plan their meals excessively 
    • Dirty keto for those who want to save money while losing weight 
    • Clean keto for health junkies and organic food lovers 
    • Standard, cyclical, and targeted keto, and which one is right for you 
    • How keto can help you manage diabetes, inflammation, and heart disease, as well as other common health conditions 
    • Side effects you might experience, and how to mitigate them 
    • How long to stay on your new diet (It’s not forever!) 
    • Recipes for breakfast cereals, muffins, and pancakes 
    • Lunches and dinners of steaks, stews, lasagnas, and frittatas 
    • Keto-friendly dessert indulgences for your sweet tooth 
    • Personal experiences from weight loss success stories - people just like you 
    • And much more! 

    Millions of people have already discovered the power of keto. Will you be the next to join them? It’s as simple as cutting back carbs and adding more fats and protein onto your plate. These promises might sound too good to be true, but once you listen to this book, you’ll find out that keto is the weight loss magic bullet you’ve been waiting for. 

    To get started with keto, drop stubborn pounds, and feel amazing in your body, scroll up, and buy The Magic of Keto today!

    ©2021 Alpaca Societal Co LLC (P)2021 Alpaca Societal Co LLC

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