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The Lost Waves of Time

The Untold Story of How Music Shaped Our World
Sprecher: Wayne Lee
Spieldauer: 23 Std. und 23 Min.
Kategorien: English - History, Ancient

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The Lost Waves of Time (TLWOT) is one of those truly unique books that can alter your world-view. Unlike anything you have read before, it reveals an amazing history of ancient cultures, where music was wielded as a secret weapon. You will find a wealth of specific information - detailing how masters and leaders across the ages utilized sound energy in the form of exquisitely precise music. The ultimate achievement of this secret was the ancients' ability to shape their people - their emotional, intellectual and value decisions - and as a result control the entire culture via their culture's signature music.

We see this power - the manipulation of the sound vibrational environment of a civilization - used to remarkable effect again and again, from ancient Sumeria and China to Egypt and India. We travel through all ages and even discuss the role of music in modern times.

The Lost Waves of Time is tremendous in scope, presenting a clear account of how spirit first involved into the material world. A constant theme explains how subtle energy connects the realms of body, mind and spirit. The volume is well researched and lists an impressive of references. It is filled with secret knowledge, unassumingly shared, so we common mortals can know these ancient secrets. The wisdom from our past is made vibrant using today’s nomenclature; not an easy task. This book is sure to become a classic in many fields of study: music, math, healing, human potential, frequency, ancient knowledge, sound, light, architecture, and more.

The book can be enjoyed as a history of ancient civilizations with unique facts and theories. It is also a course in the history of music and probably most importantly an attempt to connect many religious and spiritual traditions; in the process a wonderful new paradigm for our spiritual heritage and ultimate destiny is presented. Prepare for a ride through history in a way that will move you to your core. You will recognize information from a deeper inner place that you likely didn't know even existed within you. This work will forever enlighten your perceptions and understanding of music and ancient people!

From the mythic days of Atlantis through all the histories of the major civilizations, an idea echoes around the ancient world; the vibrational power of music slowly shapes human emotions, behaviors and actions. These influences accumulate and solidify, resulting in entire cultural reform. Like the slow erosion of a tall mountain into a gentle rolling hill, music's subtle energy relentlessly molds everything in its path.

Music has always molded our world - much more than we can imagine. The mirror of music reflects a culture's deepest social and moral values. Using their understanding of music's power - ancient man shaped his world and maintained his creation for millennia. Pliable music was the foremost ancient tool to perform unbelievable feats. Adventure into our distant past and watch the waves of music endow people with experiences and emotions. From legends of Atlantis to written history of the magical use of music, the history of music as a tool to change reality will be revealed.

Three time author Jill Mattson breaks through in The Lost Waves of Time, revealing ancient vibrational energy techniques for sublime results. Enormous in scope. Reach new levels of consciousness. It will alter your ideas of sound and the ancient world – forever! Jill Mattson is a researcher, writer, musical artist of great depth and sincerity. In a time when our adolescent modern society yearns for spiritual and academic truth, let her years of knowledge and enlightenment awaken you to your greatest inner potentials and our communities to their spiritual responsibilities!

©2015 Jill Ingeborg Mattson (P)2016 Jill Ingeborg Mattson

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