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The Lost Swarm

Lost Starship, #11
Sprecher: Mark Boyett
Serie: The Lost Starship, Titel 11
Spieldauer: 12 Std. und 50 Min.

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Star Watch stands guard over the Commonwealth, having defeated New Men, massed Swarm fleets and android attackers. The victories have cost lost ships, slain crews, and smashed star systems. The accumulated damage means that Star Watch now strains to keep order as political instability, increased space piracy and rebellions stretch the stellar organization to the limit.

Humanity desperately needs peace so Star Watch can rebuild and regroup.

Unfortunately, Lord Drakos is searching the Beyond for a splinter Swarm colony world. The New Man believes he is a Napoleon of the stars. But he needs a fleet to prove it. Intelligence thinks Drakos hopes to make a pact with Thrax Ti Ix, assembling a fleet of renegade New Men and hybrid Swarm creatures, a fleet that will attack humanity.

Plan A has Captain Maddox capturing Drakos before he can find Thrax. Plan B means Star Watch will have to risk sending a fleet into the Beyond.

For Maddox this is also a voyage of discovery, as he learns the identities of his mother and father.

The Lost Swarm is the 11th book in the Lost Starship Series.

©2019 Vaughn Heppner (P)2020 Vaughn Heppner

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