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    Refugees flood the roads. The feared specter of smallpox has escaped London’s grimy docklands and now threatens the wealthy districts. Amongst that ragged stream is a single carriage jostling its way toward Meryton. Inside are the Darcy siblings along with Charles and Caroline Bingley. They desperately seek the safety of Netherfield Park. 

    For all their riches, they cannot evade the plague’s dark hand. Bingley’s leasehold has been reduced to rubble as roving bands rape, pillage, and burn. The only sanctuary is Longbourn where, once installed, the Darcys and Bingleys are barred from leaving by a fortnight’s quarantine. 

    Events converge with disease in The Longbourn Quarantine. Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy abandon old prejudices in the face of grief and mourning. Pride is set aside as Death hovers nearby. The couple forges ahead, knowing that love unexplored is love lost — that words must be said lest they remain unspoken in the time of epidemic. 

    ©2020 Don Jacobson (P)2020 Don Jacobson

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