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    The Little Black Book for Entrepreneurs traces the author's 45-year journey as a successful entrepreneur and the 12 drivers that made it possible. Listeners can relate to and profit from applying drivers such as Competitive Supremacy (which transcends competitive advantage) and Customer Collaboration (more powerful than customer satisfaction).

    Anecdotes from Geissler's experience support the drivers, at times humorously but always helpfully. The result is a description and prescription for others in search of success as entrepreneurs.

    Excerpt: I wrote this book to share my lessons learned - my 12 drivers - as I, an ordinary person with ordinary talents and smarts, journeyed to an extraordinary life of extreme happiness. I am your template; any sentient, curious, and ambitious person can emulate my journey at any time.

    ©2019 The Expressive Press (P)2019 The Expressive Press

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