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    This audiobook is a continuation of the first volume of The Likely Future; a collection of briefings from the Divine Source providing critical insight that cannot be found anywhere else.

    In this text, the Divine Source - “Pax” - addresses the global crisis of coronavirus through channeled writing.

    This volume addresses topics originating from the author’s consciousness, subjects presented in the news media, and various themes not previously considered, all having occurred within a two-week time period: the last week of April and the first week of May 2020.

    Pax provides vital information including the assertion that the virus is linked to both fear and growth hormones - and that the cure will be in the form of a neurological interrupter - while offering words of warning and wisdom to political leaders around the world.

    This is the alternative source.

    ©2020 Penelope Jean Hayes (P)2020 Waterside Productions, Inc.

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