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    In The Lightworker's Compendium, you will find three resources for your development and understanding of the essence of working with the universe and life force energy as a representative of your practice for the public.

    The first, "Making Reiki Mainstream", explains in practical terms how to understand the challenges inherent in describing Reiki and how to address them. It offers practical approaches to choosing words that describe this sacred work in ways accessible to the general public and different audiences.

    The second resource, "Prayer, Affirmations, and Reiki", teaches you the commonalities and differences between these three practices, which will help you recommend the most appropriate approach with clarity.

    The third resource, "When to Stop, Refuse, or Refer a Client", will help you recognize the signs that a client would be better served by a different method, practitioner, or treatment. By understanding these distinctions, you will be a more authentic, ethical, and effective practitioner. You are part of the new energy of this important time in history.

    You are needed. May these resources help you, and may the future volumes continue to support your growth. If I can be of support to you in any way, please contact me via

    Thank you for listening, and thank you for being exactly who you are. You matter.

    ©2020 Alice Langholt (P)2020 Alice Langholt

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