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The Janus Group: Books 4-6

Autor: Piers Platt
Sprecher: James Fouhey
Serie: The Janus Group, Titel 4-6
Spieldauer: 22 Std. und 31 Min.

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Rath's Trial

Rath thought that defeating the Janus Group and stealing back his hard-earned fortune might help ease his guilty conscience. But when he returns to the planet Scapa to find the woman he loves, his past crimes finally catch up to him. And the police aren’t Rath's only concern: Someone's put a price on his head. Rath will need to figure out who his new enemy is, if he wants to stay alive. His old friend Beauceron can't help him - especially, not when Rath's former colleague, Paisen Oryx, is the primary suspect in the detective's latest investigation. The three former allies each work to unravel the truth in a growing conspiracy...but will fate bring them together as friends or enemies?

Rath's Rebellion

After he's found guilty of murder, Rath is saved from a death sentence by a mysterious new ally. His newfound friends have a daring plan to rekindle an old revolution, and they want his help. If it all works, Rath could clear his conscience at last, and pay his debt to society. But starting a rebellion will put him squarely in the sights of Beauceron and Paisen as they rush to prevent the looming war. And even Rath's best-laid plans can go astray....

Rath's Redemption 

Rath's short-lived rebellion has gone horribly wrong. The Senate lies shattered, devastated by a surprise attack. The Federacy sits at the mercy of General Yo-Tsai, a brutal dictator who now controls a super-weapon. Above the planet Tarkis, Rath drifts helplessly in orbit, watching as the Jokuan invasion fleet descends on his homeworld. His girlfriend has been captured; he's running out of air; and he's just a single man against an entire army. But he's also the galaxy's most dangerous assassin...and he's very, very pissed.

This is the complete second trilogy: three books, 800 pages, and over 6,000 copies sold.

©2016 Piers Platt (P)2016 Piers Platt

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