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The Invisible Man (Dramatized)

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H. G. Wells’ 1897 novel, The Invisible Man, is a canonical work of science fiction, but more people know the story than have actually delved into it. Thomas E. Fuller’s audio dramatization takes full advantage of the source material to create an irresistible yarn about science’s ability to corrupt.

A mysterious stranger named Griffin arrives in the town of Iping. His face is covered in dark glasses and bandages. Griffin’s plan to reverse the invisibility process that he invented goes awry when his secret is uncovered. Out of desperation, the mad scientist steals and kills.

Doug Kaye brings desperate intensity to his performance as Griffin in this Atlanta Radio Theatre Company adaptation, which features a haunting score from Alton Leonard.


The small English town of Iping is just a waystation on the main road to Port Braddock. Nothing ever happens in Iping: Not in the dead of winter with the snow thick and crisp on the ground. Not with the wind howling and the ice crunching underfoot. Not until the Stranger came with his thick dark glasses and his head wrapped in bandages. Not until the Invisible Man arrived.

H. G. Wells' The Invisible Man is one of the true classics of science fiction, as frightening and fresh now as it was when it was first written. For there is terror in doors that open with no one behind them, in footsteps in empty halls, in a touch in an empty room. And for Griffin, the Invisible Man, there is terror in the discovery of what it is to be both powerful - and powerless.

This is a full-cast, soundscaped audio dramatization of the H. G. Wells classic.

©2001 Atlanta Radio Theatre Company (P)2001 Atlanta Radio Theatre Company

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